My hair routine

Hello beauties!!!

Really quick wanted to share my hair care routine qith you all.

I am a total believer in “not damaging” my hair by using heat everyday.  I rarely use heat. Only  occasional. That’s my number one rule. 90% of the time I let my hair air dry. If you have to go somewhere in the morning wash your hair a night before.

Second thing, I use hair oils. Atleast twice a week. There are many hair oils available in the market but I use olive oil for my hair. I get it from the Indian grocery store ( it comes in a green can). It makes my hair soft and healthy. When I put oil in my hair I put a hot towel on, it helps the oil go in the roots and work even more amazingly.

I don’t wash my hair everyday. Every other day. You don’t wanna over dry your hair.

My hair is thick and frizzy..oh and wavey.  I use garnier’s sleek and shine shampoo and conditioner. I also have a leave in conditioner from the same line. Which I don’t use everytime I wash my hair. But quite a bit.

Also don’t wash your hair with super warm water, it can damage your hair.

As I said I don’t use too many products, may be that’s the reason I have healthy hair. I’m not trying to say I don’t use flat irons or curling irons and stuff like that, I do use them but not every single day and when I use these kind of things I make sure I don’t use the highest settings ever. You don’t wanna burn your hair right!!!

This is all I do lemme know what you guys do to take care of your hair

Thanks for reading.

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